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History of The Crown Hotel


The Crown Hotel has welcomed visitors for centuries. With its central location in Harrogate, it has always been ideal to those who came to this famous spa town for health, fortune or leisure.
1626: By 1626 the Crown Hotel's neighbouring Old Sulphur Well, now recognised as the strongest
in Great Britain, was the subject of a book that was read the length and breadth of the country.
1649: The death of King Charles 1st sees the start of the Commonwealth, when inns such as the
Crown's precursor are closed down.
1660: The restoration of the monarchy with Charles 2nd sees the widespread adoption of names
such as The Crown, as inns re-open all over England.
1700: By 1700 The Crown in Low Harrogate, has been joined by the Dragon, Granby and Queen's
Head inns in High Harrogate.
1740: The first known association of the Crown Hotel with the Thackwray family.
1778: The King who owns Harrogate, gives the Stray to the people, but allows the Thackwray family
to buy the Crown Hotel outright.
1784: The Crown Hotel head waiter, William Thackwray, makes so much money he takes over the Queen Hotel.
1806: Lord Byron's famous visit to The Crown.
1822: The Crown Hotel Sulphur Well discovered.
1834: The Crown Hotel Baths are built.

1835: The infamous 'Crown Hotel Well' case leads to a new Act of Parliament in 1841.
1840: The Crown nick-named "the Hospital", as so many visitors in search of health stay here.
1847-8: The Old Crown Hotel largely rebuilt.
1870: George Dawson buys Crown Hotel estate and adds two large wings.
1889: George Dawson sells the Crown Hotel's gardens to Harrogate Corporation.
1890: Crown Hotel shops built in Crown Place.

1899-1900: East wing and tower built.
1912: The renowned Sir Edward Elgar visits Hotel.
1939: Government requisition of The Crown Hotel during World War Two.
1953: The Crown Hotel bars re-open for public use.
1959: The Air Ministry finally leave the Crown, allowing it to re-open as a 150 bedroom hotel.
1963: The Beatles are alleged to have stayed at Crown.
2005: Crown Hotel Harrogate Ltd administer hotel.

 This information was produced by the Crown Hotel with the cooperation of Mr Malcolm Neesam.